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A. Shafran

The Egypt of Cleopatra


“I gladly give this book 5-stars, as it is beautifully written and it has kept my attention throughout the entire book. Hundreds and thousands years later, people are still interested in reading the wonderful story of Cleopatra, and I am one of them. I have finished the book without stopping, and I am sure you will too!”

04, Dec 2015


D. Pickin

The Legacy of Leonidas I


Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a period of history that I am very interested in and I have read a lot of books on this subject. I wondered if this book would have anything fresh to add or anything different. It certainly did. The author must have done a lot of research and must be very knowledgeable about this. It was interesting and informative in a very easy to read way.

16, Jun 2016



The Egypt of King Tut


“I really enjoyed this book about Egypt during the time of King Tut. DNA facts are included as well as new discoveries about his health and life. Very interesting subject is raised about the little workers in the tomb. If you love Tutankhamen, like I love Tutankhamen, you will love this book. It is a great read with ideas that are new and the latest information about the potential for new discoveries.”

13, Apr 2016


History Plaza Blog

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Gods and Philosophical Superstars of Ancient Greece

Ah, Greece. From government to sports events, to arts and sciences, it is the birthplace to the innovative advances in culture, academe, warfare, and hella interesting figures in history. Let’s run down memory lane and learn more about the pioneering Greek civilization, and shake hands with two of its philosophical stars Aristotle and Socrates.

Pyramids, Pharaohs and Girl Power in Ancient Egypt

They say behind every great man is a woman, but these women were at the forefront of so much more. Learn more about Ancient Egypt, and the roles of women of power such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra.

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